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Why so poor?

12 апреля, 2017

What the difference between people making $10-30k/mo on their projects and thousand others, barely making $100-500/mo?

Maybe they have lack of web developing skills, so they can’t actually make projects? No, usually not, it’s high skilled developers (often freelancers), years and even decades of experience, who can solve hardest issues, after some preparation.

Or maybe they work 24/7, and have no free time for side-projects? Again, not the deal, they earn enough to live life with considerably free schedule, give them opportunity spent time on their hobbies.

Lack of resources and money? Well, MVP projects don’t need shitload of money, devops can create and maintain it solely. Although marketing requires certain skill and money, but in the beginning it usually “from developer to developer”, and if you can’t reach at least some target audience — you’re whole idea is wrong.

Infinitely waiting for good idea for startup/webservice? Close to true, but then again — each person can imagine product that he need, even if it’s only for himself, even dozens of them. But every time find the reason not to dive into it.

I thought that the core reason to the question. Some people do something, trying to achieve their goals — again and again, from failure to failure, until they make something profitable. And others just imagine doing something, but actually doing nothing — writing todo lists, buying domain, make are conversation about the product, instead of just make MVP version of it and push to the market.

And doing it again and again. Got the idea — make it — ship it — get results and experience. Repeat. Got idea — register domain — do research — forget to make it — get nothing — domain expired year later. No results, no experience, no joy. Year by year.

Easy, isn’t it? Keep it simple.

Oh, and one more thing. Having free time doesn’t mean having thinking time. If you sit at the desk 9 hours per day — when you will be thinking about new ideas and how to make it work? You don’t. You have to spent enormous amount of time doing nothing intellectual (try walking), just to focus on existential questions and figuring out what to do next. And only then threw away anything distracting and DO SOMETHING. One project at time, of course.

PS. People in first category:
@levelsio, $30k/mo, nomadlist.com, remoteok.io
@homakov, sakurity.com
@csallen, $6k/mo from 8 month site with 107k visits/mo — indiehackers.com

(my twitter feed 80% in english)

People from second category are everywhere, including me.


Just an experiment about my writing skills. Usually at some nobody-knows blogs, swiftly disappear, but now here — so I can check it six month later and have my eyes bleed =) Topic is unrelated and silly, just exercise and rewriting obvious. Grammar is a big issue for me, so pack some dictionaries and 7-th grade school workbooks to improve it.

Also (after spending 4 days just chilling, reading Martin Eden and ebooks) decide to concentrate to membership service instead of some site-related monkey business. Already had 8 payed customers, and hundreds regular visitors. With straightforward monetization it’s easier to make good service for just 30-50 customers, spending some money on marketing. And even if it failed — I will still had are good service for my needs, and some experience in such membership sites.

Comments as you wish. If you understand text — you can as well practice writing comments in english. If you don’t — posting “did’t read, lol” useless)

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